Batch File Maker 0.2.1
3-29-2010 21:14
Generates batch files easily for command line rendering with Maya.
Downloads: 264

Batch File Processor 1.0
3-20-2010 16:29
Provides a GUI for running mel script on multiple Maya files. Includes options for importing references as well as saving files with a new prefix.
Downloads: 284

Batch UV Snapshots 1.1
3-12-2010 10:18
A GUI for outputting uv snapshots of multiple objects at once. Simple and efficient options for size and format.
Downloads: 179

Blend Shapes 2.1
2-23-2010 17:20
Contains the multi blend slider as well as a much improved method of adding inbetweens for blendshapes.
Downloads: 368

Ghosting 1.8
2-23-2010 17:20
Allows you to create a ghost of an object at any time. Ghosts are automatically given a transparent shader and grouped. Selecting a time range or keyframes will cause multiple ghosts to be created.
Downloads: 261

[coming soon]

Graph Editor 1.3.6
7-12-2010 3:18
Provides additional functionality to graph editor in the forms of marking menus, hotkeys, and in future releases, gui changes.
Downloads: 229

History 0.4
10-9-2009 22:39
Provides a GUI for browsing the list of undo actions, and returning to a certain point. Similar to the history panel in Photoshop.
Downloads: 198

Lists 1.1
2-23-2001 17:19
A script allowing you to active search your scene for any objects or nodes. Also provides a command mode allowing you to type command names and execute them quickly.
Downloads: 119

Marking Menus 2.0.1
4-10-2010 22:06
Includes several marking menus that drastically improve work speed and functionality. Menus include object/component masking systems, dynamic quick selection, perspective camera, and resetter systems. Requires Right Click Manager, and Resetter is recommended
Downloads: 166

Mirror Geometry with Crease 0.6
9-14-2009 22:34
Mirrors the selected geometry across an axis while maintaining creases.
Downloads: 135

Motion 0.8
2-23-2010 17:19
Allows you to track the movement of any vertex over time.
Downloads: 182

Randomizer 1.1
9-15-2009 13:46
Provides a GUI for efficiently randomizing objects, components, or attributes with several options
Downloads: 325

Remove Poly Crease 1.0
3-3-2009 2:53
Removes all creases on the selected objects, edges, faces, or verts.
Downloads: 107

Render Stats 0.8
2-6-2010 21:26
A GUI for quickly setting render stats on multiple objects.
Downloads: 142

Resetter 2.0
10-21-2009 21:57
Allows you to assign defaults to any control or attribute, for easily resetting values. Useful for ensuring that all attributes (including user-created) are reset. Also useful for quickly clearing a pose from several controls at once.
Downloads: 190

Right Click Manager
4-19-2010 9:12
Provides procedures for creating condition based custom right click menus. Includes both boRightClickManager.mel and boRightClickOverrides.mel. Be sure to grab the correct version.
Downloads: 332

Script Jobs 1.0
2-23-2010 17:21
Provides a GUI for viewing/managing currently running scriptJobs.
Downloads: 148

Sliders 1.1
5-17-2010 15:06
GUI and marking-menu based interface for creating control sliders. Controls are designed for creating a Jason Osipa style facial layout.
Downloads: 517

TSM Tools 1.5
2-23-2010 17:22
Contains tools for enhancing the TSM 2.0 rig.
Downloads: 255

Triggers 1.3.9
2-23-2010 17:22
Allows you to create a "trigger" out of any maya object. By selecting a trigger you can reselect other objects, set attributes to certain values, and/or run mel scripts.
Downloads: 458

Utilities 2.4
3-20-2010 19:22
Contains several scripts for cleanup/organization, rendering, and other misc tasks. Requires: Batch File Maker, Batch File Processor, Batch UV Snapshot, nCloth Preroll, Render Stats, and Z Depth Shader
Downloads: 485

Z Depth Shader 0.8
2-23-2010 17:22
Creates a Z Depth Shader for all existing shaders in the scene. The shader uses samplerInfo nodes, making it Software, Mental Ray, and Renderman compatible. Preserves displacement and alpha connections for any materials that require it. Does not support fur, particles, volume, or any other special shaders.
Downloads: 1267

nCloth Preroll 0.8.1
3-8-2010 13:00
Automates the process of creating initial states for any nCloths in the scene. Requires Resetter
Downloads: 152